Wall Mountable Water Fountain Spouts, Emitters & Scuppers in Brass

If you are looking for wall mountable fountain mask for sale, ArtDecoTaps might have what you looking for. Our medium sized and large wall water emitters and decorative water scuppers are made from brass and some are available in oil rubbed bronze finish.

Artisan made in a European classic design, the water feature wall masks and matching spouts are generally threaded in 1/2'' and 3/4'' inch.  Generally compatible with a variety of other decorative escutcheons and large ornamental back plates which result in unique, classical wall mask designs . These unique water emitters can be found of lion, bear, bull and fish head and other designs that would greatly enhance the character of any classic garden, poolside area, ponds or any large indoor and outdoor water feature.

If in need for a decorative spare back plates or escutcheon in brass kindly contact us.

Large Fountain Spout
Fountain Wall Spout

RIGHT: BRD861 wall mask fitted with a matching water tap all in polished brass finish.

LEFT: BRD861 - Decorative Brass Mask with SPT011 1/2" Water Spout and Water Emitter

  • SPT011 spout: 1/2 inch BSP Male Thread
  • Outer Diameter of threaded part: 21 mm
  • Overall size 150mm x 200mm (excluding the spout)
  • Overall Height: xx mm
  • Weight: 2800 gr.
  • Brass made; polished brass finish
  • Availability: Check Availability
Water feature brass water spout
Large Wall mask and Spout

RIGHT: A BRD862 brass mask fitted with a 3/4'' SPT011 water spout all in polished brass finish used as a water scupper. Various water spout options can fit into this water emitter.

LEFT: BRD862  - Decorative Brass Mask with 3/4'' BRD010 female water spout and Water Emitter.

  • BRD010 spout: 3/4 inch BSP Female Thread;
  • Inner Diameter of threaded part: 26 mm:
  • Overall size 180mm x 320mm (excluding the spout)
  • Overall Height: xx mm
  • Weight: 5700 gr.
  • Brass made; polished brass finish
  • Availability: Check Availability

BELOW: Other Spout Options available for the BRD862 Decorative Brass Masks and Water Emitters.

Large Brass Spout Mask
Large mask backplate with water spout for backyard feature
Large Wall Mounted Brass Spout

LEFT: BRD863 - Large Decorative Brass Back Plate fitted with a wall mountable water spout

  • SPT863 spout: 3/4 inch BSP Male Thread;
  • Outer Diameter of threaded part: 26 mm
  • Protrudes: 260mm
  • ESC863 Escutcheon Size: 300mm x 230mm
  • Weight: 4100 gr.
  • Brass made; polished brass finish
  • Availability: By pre-order
Large wall water spout in brass
Large Escutcheon Spout

RIGHT: Other spout options include the 3/4'' SPT011 water spout fitted into and ESC864 Large Decorative Brass Escutcheon.

LEFT: BRD864 - Large Decorative Plate with a 3/4'' water spout.

  • Spout: 3/4 inch BSP Male Thread;
  • Outer Diameter of threaded part: 26mm
  • Overall size: 170mm x 200mm
  • ESC864 Escutcheon Diameter: 200mm
  • Weight: 1600 gr
  • Brass made; includes an ESC864 backplate and in oil rubbed bronze finish
  • Availability: In Stock
Large decorative continuous water spout
Lion Head Escutcheon

LEFT: BRD865 - Lion wall mask with ornametal water spout

  • BRD009 spout: 1/2inch BSP Female Thread;
  • Inner Diameter of threaded part: 21 mm
  • Overall size: 145mm x 130mm
  • Overall Height: xx mm
  • Weight: 1400 gr.
  • Brass made; polished brass finish
  • Availability: In stock

The BRD865 lion escutcheon can be compatible with a number of other taps and spouts including the BRD063p decorative water tap as seen below.

Wall lion head with brass tap
Brass Fish Water Spout
Fish Head Water Spout
Fish Fountain Spout

ABOVE: BRD0183 brass casted fish head spout with 'bronze like' finishing but can be custom ordered in brass like finish. Ideal for fountain, pool or pond installation as per shown water feature - more information here.

ABOVE: BRD0183 - Fish Head Spout: Brass Made with Bronze Look Finishing

  • Available in Normal Brass Finish or 'Bronze like' Finish (as in the photos).
  • Protrudes: 120 mm
  • Width: 80 mm
  • Overall Height: 140 mm
  • Weight 1500 gr.
  • Brass made.
  • Availability - By Custom Order

 Note: All dimensions are in millimeters (mm). 10mm equates to 1 centimeter (cm). 1 inch equates to 2.54cm

BELOW: ESC433 Brass casted escutcheons in brass in 'bronze like' or polished finish. Ideal for poolside or garden wall feature installation and can take various taps, spouts and spigots - more information here.

Sample, trade and private ordering: Single, small or larger orders of wall water fountain spouts with masks by private individuals, architectural and interior home designers, landscapers, plumbers and traders are accepted. We do ship to the USA, Canada, Ireland, the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, Japan and other countries.

Contact us for pricing, stock availability or questions about our:  small and large water fountain spouts in vintage styles.