Decorative Water Fountain Spouts, Wall Water Emitters & Water Scuppers

At ArtDecoTaps, we know that a water fountain spout or wall mountable water emitter will make or break the beauty of your water feature. Whether you are looking for an small water fountain spigot or a large water fountain spout in retro brass styles, ArtDecoTaps can help.

Our selection includes rustic wall water emitters and decorative wall scuppers. We also have a variety of matching backplates and escutcheons in brass or oil rubbed bronze finish. Whether looking for a small water fountain spout or a large wall-mountable water emitter we are confident that you will find the right water feature spout at us. All our decorative fountain brassware is made at European artisan workshops.

Small Fountain Spigots and Large Water Fountain Spouts in Polished

ArtDecoTaps offers a varied selection of small fountain spigots in polished brass for small indoor and outdoor water features. For larger water features we offer large water fountain spouts up to 1'' in thread size.

Some of these fountain spouts can also be offered in oil rubbed bronze finish. Complementing these continuous water spouts is a varied selection of decorative rosettes, backplates and escutcheons in matching polished brass finish.

Small Fountain Spouts and Large Water Fountain Spigots in Brass & Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

At Artdecotaps you can also find a large selection of continous water fountain spigots in oil rubbed bronze finish for indoor and outdoor water features. For larger water features we offer large water fountain spouts up to 2'' in thread size.

Subject to a minimum order these fountain spouts can be offered in polished brass, chrome or natural finish and in most cases these brass spouts have inter-compatible rosettes, backplates and escutcheons.

Wall Mounted Water Fountain Spouts, Wall Water Emitters & Water Scuppers

Also at ArtDecoTaps you can find a range of medium sized and large wall mount fountain masks and escutcheons made of brass.

Available in brass or oil rubbed bronze finishes these wall mountable water emitters and scuppers can be fitted with a variety of matching decorative backplates, masks and escutcheons.

Wall-Mountable Fish Head, Bear Head and Bull Head Water Fountain Spouts

Wall mountable bear, bull and fish head available with a drilled hole to act as water emitters or non drilled sa a simple decoration. We can also supply largish sun faces that can take spouts and spigots.

The sun face and animal themed spouts are typically available in oil rubbed finish but subject to a mininum order we can supply in a chromed or polished brass finish.

Large ornamental back plates for taps and spigots

Small Backplates, Rosettes & Large Escutcheons in Vintage Styled Brass

Lastly, at ArtDecoTaps you can find a large selection of small rosettes, backplates, large escutcheons and masks, always brass casted.

The fittings do match most of our spouts and tapware and are available in more than one thread. These backplates come in polished brass or oil rubbed bronze finish and can also be purchased seperately if needed. Subject to a minimum order these backplates and escutcheons can also be available in a chorme finish.

Sample, trade and private ordering: Single, small or larger orders of water fountain spigots and spouts, large wall water emitters and scuppers in brass by private individuals, architectural and interior home designers, landscapers, plumbers and traders are accepted. We do ship to the USA, Canada, Ireland, the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, Japan and other countries.

Contact us for pricing, stock availability or questions about our: small and large water fountain spouts and wallwater emitters:  Kindly contact Renaissance Arts Company Limited at and cc to or call at +356 21 632623

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